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How Much Is An Average Business Analyst Salary? | Global Edulink

How Much Is An Average Business Analyst Salary?

A business analyst focuses on improving the business processes of a company and works with relation to IT and technology. The business analyst will also offer consultation to the management of a company become more effective at the same time. You will not only help the technical aspects of the company but you will also help the workforce of the organisation. You will be defining job roles, handling pain points and successfully resolving them and to this end, you are going to need a lot of analytical, critical thinking and research skills.

Therefore, it can be said that the role of a business analyst is crucial to an organisation. One thing that comes to mind when you think of it, is the pay or the compensation that you will be given for it. Here’s what the pay looks like for the business analysts of today.

Salary scales in the UK

According to Payscale the business analyst salary in the UK is about £35,536. Add to this, approximately £2029 in bonus, £1075 in profit sharing and £5050 in commissions per year and you are looking at a very attractive and lucrative package.

The below graph shows the salary trend for business analysts in the UK

Salary scales in the UK

The career graph for business analysts in the UK

As shown above, the career graph for the business analyst today in UK is rather wide and diverse. If you have the drive to learn and passion to excel, you have many different avenues that you could easily choose from. The job role of a BA changes according to the industry and the organisation so your career graph will also have more options that those indicated above, based on those factors.

What about the business analyst salary outside the UK?

The geographical location may change but that would not impact the importance of this role. This is probably the reason why the business analyst salary is always rather rewarding even outside the UK. For example, in the US the average business analyst earns around $69.163 per year. In addition to this various categories of business analysts will also have different pay rates. For example pay rates outside the UK for different categories would be;

  • Business Systems Analyst $76k per annum
  • Data Analyst $67k per annum
  • Senior Business Analyst $88k per annum
  • Entry Level Business Analyst $64k per annum
  • IT Business Analyst $76k per annum


What can you do to become a business analyst?

If the numbers have caught your attention and you are interested, this career path may just be the one for you. But remember that it also takes the right education, hard work and perseverance to make it to the top in this field.

At Global Edulink we believe in helping learners create and build careers. Our business analyst courses are accredited and capture intensive insight about the field of business analysis.

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